A must visit spot in Northern California…Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park is national park located in southern Sierra Nevada. It is in the northern part of the state of California. The park was started in 1890 and it spans about 404000 acres with a vertical height of about 13000 feet. Mount Whitney is a peak found in this park that is located at 14,505 feet above sea level. This park is close to Kings Canyon National Park and both are maintained and looked after by the National Park Service.

If you are wondering what is unique about this park, the first thing is that the park gets its name from the giant Sequoia trees that are found here. The General Sherman tree is located here as well, which is the largest tree on earth. It is part of the Giant Forest, which is known to have the largest trees in the world. When one comes to visit the Giant Forest here they will get to see the General Grant tree which is a unique specimen among the giant Sequoia trees to be found here.

The Park has several attractions for the visitors. The town of Three Rivers by Ash Mountain can be found here, which is a popular place to stop by when one is visiting this National Park. The natural vistas to see here are beautiful which comprise of blue oak woodlands, grasslands, yucca plants and river valleys. The wildlife is rich and varied here and visitors can catch sight of mule deer, rattlesnakes, ground squirrels, foxes, bobcats and others.

The roadside wilderness of the park is what attracts many hikers and backpackers here. The high alpine trails are challenging as well as scenic, set in the High Sierra region. The High Sierra Trail is popular here, which many people come to travel. There is about 35 miles long backcountry trail here and one can check out the Kern River drainage here as well.  A business colleague who runs a dumpster rental business in Florida, http://www.pawmaterials.com had visited here with his kids and said it was an amazingly memorable experience, highly recommending it to anyone who travels to the upper northwest of the United States.

Interestingly, a family friend from Upstate New York, who runs a kitchen remodeling business, www.cliftonparkkitchenremodeling.com, had traveled by RV across the country a handful of years ago when his kids were young.  It was a trip that was the highlight for his family and has talked about it often.

If you are ever in the upper northwest of the US, you must plan a trip to Sequoia National Park.


Manchester is a beloved city with incredible culture & nightlife for the outgoing individual!

Popularly known as the ‘Capital of the North’, Manchester is the second largest city of UK. Home to several shopping malls and entertainment areas, Manchester is a well-populated city and is divided into a number of districts. The city is also known for its multiple sporting events.

What to See and Do in Manchester

The shopping hubs in Manchester are beloved by locals and tourists alike. The Manchester’s Chinatown offers incredible eateries, music and local shops at affordable prices. Chinese culture is at its peak in Chinatown and its diversity is what makes the place so special.

The Village is another part of cosmopolitan Manchester that hosts many bars, clubs and is a great place for the LGBT community. The village is open till late hours and partying is the central focus of Manchester. The Pride Festival is also held it every August.

Apart from the nightlife, history is also appreciated in Manchester. Castlefield, the University of Manchester, Manchester Cathedral, John Ryland’s Library and the Manchester Town Hall are all ancient buildings with a rich historical background.

Other places to see in Manchester are the Central Library, Contact theater, HOME, Manchester Art Gallery, the Manchester Museum and The Museum of Science and industry amongst many others.

Sports are also widely celebrated in Manchester. If you’re a fan of sport, you can get tickets to a number of different games. The Lancashire County Cricket Club, Manchester City and Manchester United Football Club are all well-known names internationally. Fans of football can visit their favorite teams’ official clubs in the city.

Sportcity is another great venue for sporting events. Located only 30 minutes from the Piccadilly Station, Sportcity has hosted events for the Commonwealth games, the National Cycling center and football matches.

There are other places in the Manchester city that are not as crowded as the others but still an excellent choice to add on your tour to the city. Some of these include the Chetham’s Library, the Hulme Bridge, Parsonage Gardens and more.


Things That You Should Surely Do In Rome

One of the greatest travel destinations that you should visit at least once in your lifetime is Rome, the Italian capital. This is a cosmopolitan city that is known for its architecture and culture. The city of Rome is the largest city in Italy.

What to do in Rome?

There is a saying that “When in Rome, do what the Romans do.” There is a lot that Rome has to offer for its tourists, right from the architectural marvels to ancient art and culture to handicrafts and haute couture.


It is important that you do not miss seeing this symbol of Rome when you are traveling there. This place was inaugurated in 80 A.D. It was the place where animal fights and gladiator combats took place and was the biggest amphitheater during the Roman Empire rule. This place had the seating capacity of 50,000. If you love history, then you should surely visit the Colosseum.

Piazza Navona

If you are in love with Baroque art, then Piazza Navona is a public place that you should never miss. It is fully on display in this wonderful place. This attractive looking oval shaped place houses souvenir shops, restaurants, and gelaterias. This is the place where the Museo Di Roma is located. The Fontana Dei Quattro Fiumi by Bernini is a major attraction for the tourists. It features carved figures that represent four great rivers of the world. Some of the other major attractions of Piazza Navona are: Sant’Agnese church, Santa Maria Della Pace church, Via Della Pace Street, and Antico Caffè Della Pace to sip a glass of wine.   


A day is needed to enjoy what the Vatican City has to offer. Bernini’s Piazza Di San Pietro is a site that you should never miss. The St. Peter’s Basilica is a must see along with the Vatican Museums. You will get to see some of the rarest and ancient sculptures and paintings along with the 1,400 room palace.


This is a 2000-year-old church that is one of the best Roman monuments that you can ever see. The concrete dome and the bronze doors have stood the test of time and are a sight to behold with your eyes.

Museo Nazionale Romano

This is the best museums for sculptures and other art forms. The ground and the first floor of this museum are loaded with sculptures. All of the sculptures of the Puglie, the Ermafrodite Dormiente, etc. are great artwork.


Top Places To Visit In Japan that will blow your mind!!!

Japan is known as the samurai country whose legendary warfare techniques are well known. Today it is known to be the land of technology with its award winning automobile industries well spread across the world. The country has some deep rooted culture and traditions as well as beautiful landscapes, gardens, tea ceremonies, geishas and unique buildings to know and explore.


This is known to be the fourth largest city in Japan, which was made in the mid nineteenth century. The place has beautiful gardens and castles. It is known to be the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture, where arts communities thrive. It is a quaint and attractive town with several inner city areas such as Nagamichi, Higashi Chaya, which is a teahouse of the geishas and is a must see.


This is a beach destination in the country. If you wish to explore islands on the Yaeyama archipelago you will be able to travel from here easily. The beaches such as Maezto and Fusaki are protected by nets and popular among families. There are temples and shrines here as well as the Mount Nosoko which one can visit for water sports or beachcombing.


This place has the Mount Koya which is important for Shingon Buddhism sect. This sect has been an ancient practicing religious community. There is the mausoleum of Kobo Daishi that is popular with visitors as well as checking out the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage here.


This place is located on the Honshu Island and its fate was sealed after the atomic bomb explosion that happened here. There are several peace based memorials here such as Peace Memorial, Peace Memorial Museum and Peace Park. There is a sunken garden here called Shukkein-en and Hiroshima Castle.


This place is also considered a seaside resort. It has a Buddha statue of bronze, ancient Zen temples and several other shrines and religious landmarks.


This town is by the famous Nikko National Park, which also has the mausoleum of Tokugawa leyasu and shrines that are lavishly decorated.

You MUST visit Kuala Lumpur in the Philippines

Kuala Lumpur is a large city, the largest in Malaysia and forms the federal capital in this country. The name has an interesting meaning, signifying confluence of muddy rivers in Malay language. It was initially a small Chinese village that had tin mining and later it grew to be a popular tourist destination, thanks to several five star hotels, shopping and food destinations the city obtained. The city today comprises of several districts, has varieties of accommodation to offer to travelers, sightseeing, restaurants, nightlife and entertainment that are world class standards.

The city has several sections such as the Old City Center or Chinatown, the Golden Triangle, which houses the Central Business District and Tuanku Abdul Rahman or Chow Kit. There are several satellite cities that have grown up around it such as Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Port Klang and others. If we look at the history of the city, it was a former British colony before Malaysia gained independence in 1957. As compared to other Malaysian cities, Kuala Lumpur is a relatively new place. Today, modern transportation, infrastructure and skyscrapers have made this city as one of the coveted travel destinations in the world.

If you are traveling to this city, there are several landmark places that you need to include in your itinerary. There are unique architectural structures such as the KL Tower, also known as Petronas Twin Towers.

Other more traditional places to check out are Masjid Jamek which is Moorish architecture located on the Klang River; the National Monument by the Lake Gardens and the offices of the Colonial Secretariat are some of the places to visit.

The city is known for its shopping destinations and Chinese markets that are known for the eateries and bargain deals popular among tourists who come to the city.

Travel to Hungary: Tips to remember

In order to make your visit to Hungary as positive as possible, then you should make sure that you are remembering these tips. There are so many great things in Hungary that people are tending to forget some of the best things that you can do in Hungary. With remembering these tips, you will ensure that you are going to have the best possible time and that you will have lots of memories to cherish for a long time:

Make sure about the amount that you are paying

One of the biggest mistakes that tourists are making, is that they are misjudging the amount of money that they are paying, when they are paying with Hungary money. This is because a 10,000 notes look similar to a 1,000 note. And, the last thing that a local will do, is to tell you that you have paid too much for the product.

They will keep the rest of the money for themselves, and your budget will run out a lot faster. Double check the amount that you are paying, before you are paying anything in this country.

Visit the old-style coffee houses

One thing that Hungary is popular for, is the old-style coffee houses that they have. There are a large variety of coffee houses where you can sit and enjoy some coffee with a slice of cake or other type of treat.

Different coffee houses are offering different things to drink and eat, so don’t just go to one coffee house without trying the other out. You might be surprised that the next coffee house might be offering even better things for you to enjoy.

Try their different cuisines

Hungary loves their cuisines and their meat. If you are a vegetarian, you might have some problems finding some great food to eat. Most of the cuisines include some sort of meat dish. And, they are all delicious.

This is an experience that you should do when you are traveling through Hungary. Try all their different cuisines and recipes that you will not find back home. You will not be disappointed.

Talking to locals

Normally tourists are afraid to talk to the locals of the different countries. This is because they don’t know what to expect from the locals. Some are friendly and others don’t really want to talk to strangers and tourists.

When you are in Hungary, you don’t need to worry about talking to the locals. They are friendly and are always welcoming tourists. Making the tourists experiences as great as possible.

Hungary isn’t much different from other countries in the world. They are friendly have great cuisine and will ensure that their tourists are happy. However, there are a couple of things that you should know and remember to make sure that you have the best possible experience when you are traveling to Hungary.