The Best Sights To Check Out When Visiting Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay and is located along the Montevideo Bay. Some of the attractions that Montevideo has to offer its tourists are:

  • Museum of Fine Arts – home to Blanes art

This is a popular museum in Montevideo and your trip to this wonderful city will not be complete if you do not check out the works of Uruguayan artist Juan Manuel Blanes. The museum is built in Renaissance style and looks like the classic Italian villas. There are artworks of other popular national and international artists here.

  • Solís Theatre – an absolute Italian masterpiece

This is one of the most important theaters in Uruguay and is also the second biggest in South America. It has the capacity to seat about 1500 people. This is a place where operas, concerts, and theater events take place. Italian Carlo Zucchi designed this theater and it was first opened in 1856.

  • La Rambla – perfect place for a good break

The La Rambla is a 10-mile long stretch that you can explore leisurely. It is a walking path that separates the city from the sea. It is a perfect place to enjoy sunrise or sunset and is a popular location where the morning and evening walkers meet.

  • Mercado del Puerto – a perfect place to taste Montevideo cuisine

This building was constructed using steel and was used as a vegetable, fruit and meat market. It is still known as the Harbor Market and now hosts a wide range of restaurants that offer grills, seafood, meat and sausages.

  • Carnival Museum – get to know more about Montevideo carnivals

The Carnival Museum is a very popular place in Montevideo that was built in November 2006. It has plenty of museum galleries like Murga, Uruguayan Carnival, Candombe, New Orleans, Rio, etc. You will get to know the differences between each carnival here.

  • Espacio de Arte Contemporaneo – museum of contemporary art

It is worth visiting this contemporary art museum that is set up in an old prison. Each of the cell or prison carries the work of individual artists. There is a glass wall that separates the old and the new building.

Enjoy The Natural Beauty Of Molokai Island, Hawaii

If you are looking to get away to a secluded island with your loved one Molokai Island in Hawaii is a great option. Molokai nicknamed as “friendly Isle” is situated in the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Molokai is the fifth Largest Island in the Hawaiian Islands. The usable land area of the island is 260 square miles

There are flights to Molokai from Oahu and Maui. The weather is pleasant throughout the year. Accommodations include oceanfront hotels, condos, cottages and bread and breakfast stay. The greatest attraction of Molokai is the absence of commercial attractions. You can enjoy life at a slower pace in uncrowned and unspoiled nature at Molokai.

The must-see places in Molokai include:

  • Kalaupapa National Historical Park

The Kalaupapa Peninsula offers cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The tallest sea cliffs in the world are located here. The historic town of Kalaupapa is the remotest settlement in Hawaii offering scenic beauty and most peaceful atmosphere to the visitors.

Location: Northern part of Molokai.

How to get there: Accessible by mule ride along the 2.9-mile trail.

  • Halawa Beach Park

This park in the Halawa valley offers secluded beaches. The view of lush green mountains and distant waterfalls is refreshing. Beaches offer swimming and other water activities like snorkeling, surfing and scuba diving. You can get snorkeling equipment for rent. You can see the green sea turtles and Manta rays in the waters.

Location: Southern shore of Molokai.

 How to reach: By road.

  • Big wind kite factory

This is a shop that offers handmade kites and windsocks. You can get Hawaiian books, music and other unusual items from different parts of the world here. The shop also has many local products such as pottery, salts, paddles, surf gears etc.

Timings: Monday to Saturday – 8.30 – 5.00 and Sundays 10.00- 2.00.

 How to reach: By road.

  • Papohaku Beach Park

This is a lonely beach offers white sand, beautiful park with tables. This is an ideal place to have a lazy walk along the seashore and for taking photographs. You can spend the whole day privately at this beach. There are campsites and restroom facilities. The sea is not suitable for swimming due to pounding waves.

Location: Western coast.

How to reach: By road

Visit Lima To See It’s Unexplored Beauty

Lima is the capital city of Peru, and it is located on the arid Pacific coast of the country. The city has both the royal majesty and the bustling metropolis culture. The city home of museums and architect, but it also has sea shores, adventure sites and much more. Let’s have a look on some of unexplored beauties of Lima.

  • Catacumbas

It is an underground burial site designed by catholic of old time to avoid the spread of diseases from decomposing bodies. In the 16th century, when Europeans started arriving in Lima, they brought diseases like leprosy and smallpox with them. Looking at that, the Catholic Church of that time ordered the construction of vaults and tunnels below religious buildings in downtown Lima. This was the place to bury the deads of privileged and clergy families. At the present time, the catacombs are open for visitors under the San Francisco De Lima Basilica and Convent. Here, nearly 25,000 bodies are until it closed in 1810. The catacombs here are the second biggest in the world.

  • Presbítero Maestro

Presbítero Maestro became a first pantheon of Lima and it was inaugurated in the year 1808. You can see here hundreds of beautiful mourning sculptures that are made in marble decorating 766 mausoleums and 92 monuments. Many of them belong to historical Peruvian figures such as the heroes of the War of the Pacific. 

  • Beaches

After exploring the museums, architect and art of the city, you can come for Lima beaches to have some relaxing time. The two popular beaches of Lima are Agua Dulce and Costa Verde Located in Chorrillos and Barranco the neighboring districts. But, don’t come here on weekends as you won’t be able to find a spot for yourself.

  • Paragliding

You do paragliding at Costa Verde to capture its spectacular view. Companies offer 10- to 15-minute paragliding sessions to the interested visitor with an instructor. An HD film of the trip is also shot here.

  • Lord of Miracles Procession

In Lima, the world’s biggest Catholic procession takes place every October. It is done as a cult of the Lord of Miracles; this is an image of Jesus Christ that was painted.

Melbourne is the city to explore when down under…

The second largest city in Australia is Melbourne. It is also the capital of the state of Victoria. Melbourne is a unique city which is a combination of fine dining, a sports craziness, homegrown fashion, and arts and culture. The city is counted among the financial powerhouses of the Asia Pacific region. Melbourne also serves as Australia’s cultural capital. It hosts major events and festivals, musical shows, film festivals, theater shows, etc. The city is famous for the Melbourne Writers Festival.


  • The National Gallery of Victoria


The National Gallery of Victoria is also the oldest museum in Australia and one of the most popular tourist destinations. The city is recognized for the mix of 19th and 20th century buildings as well as modern buildings like the Eureka Tower. The city also has a very rich sports culture. Melbourne in 1956 became the first city in the southern hemisphere to stage the Olympics.


  • St Patrick’s Cathedral


St Patrick’s Cathedral and Flinders Street station give a sense of great Victorian style buildings.  


  • Werribee Open Zoo


The Werribee Open Zoo gives you a closer experience with the lions. Phillip Island gives you a close look at the Penguin parade in their natural habitat.


  • Grampians National Park


Grampians National Park attracts the trekking enthusiasts and adventure seekers.


  • Great Ocean Road


One of the most popular destinations in Melbourne is the Great Ocean Road, which has been declared as Australian National Heritage and also the world’s largest war memorial.

The city has a metropolis mix of Greeks, Italians, and Japanese, Poles ethnicities as well as South Asians and Chinese. You can also see the city through the Melbourne Horse and Carriage Tour, which lets you experience some of the city’s key attractions in a Victorian style. The city is connected to many major International cities through Melbourne Airport. The city is just 30 minutes drive from the airport. September-November and March-May are generally considered the best times to visit the city as the weather is most pleasant.  Such a beautiful city worthy of visiting and exploring.

The Best Places you will want to Visit In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the iconic cities to visit when you are in United States of America. Being part of Pennsylvania, it is the sixth most populous city. The city was formed in the Delaware valley which formed an economic as well as cultural region here, with Schuylkill and Delaware rivers being part of the city’s geography.  Philadelphia is an amazing city with much to offer.

It served as one of the capital cities of the nation during the revolution and a temporary capital when Washington D.C. was being constructed. It is home to several colleges and universities which makes it one of the renowned educational as well as the economic hub of the country.  A friend, Jesse Hyler, who owns an Albany pest control company, www.allstarpestsolutions,  in Upstate NY, loves visiting Philly and raves about their famous Philly Cheese Steaks, south side of the city is where to find the best ones…

If you are here for the first time, the following places are a must see:

  • Philadelphia Museum of Art is a renowned museum here that has collections of gifts, apparel and books inspired by art. The gift shop inside the gift shop has art inspired items such as house-ware, prints, books and clothing.
  • Independence Hall is a structure constructed here during Independence time. This building had historic sessions when Independence was declared, or when the United States Constitution was debated upon. The Benjamin Franklin figure and architecture of the place is worth seeing.
  • Liberty Bell as a sign of America’s freedom is a historic symbol to be found here. This bell was last rung in the year 1846 which also has a biblical inscription on it as well as a famed crack.
  • To check out the local goods an ideal place to visit would be Reading Terminal market. It is a historic hub for goods and eclectic food. Here one would find diverse fare, house-ware and farmer’s market offerings. This marketplace has existed here since 1892.
  • Rocky Steps is another place to stop by, which offers city views. This iconic stairs got their name from the Rocky movie. It is a popular place with tourists for the views it offers of the city.

Manchester is a beloved city with incredible culture & nightlife for the outgoing individual!

Popularly known as the ‘Capital of the North’, Manchester is the second largest city of UK. Home to several shopping malls and entertainment areas, Manchester is a well-populated city and is divided into a number of districts. The city is also known for its multiple sporting events.

What to See and Do in Manchester

The shopping hubs in Manchester are beloved by locals and tourists alike. The Manchester’s Chinatown offers incredible eateries, music and local shops at affordable prices. Chinese culture is at its peak in Chinatown and its diversity is what makes the place so special.

The Village is another part of cosmopolitan Manchester that hosts many bars, clubs and is a great place for the LGBT community. The village is open till late hours and partying is the central focus of Manchester. The Pride Festival is also held it every August.

Apart from the nightlife, history is also appreciated in Manchester. Castlefield, the University of Manchester, Manchester Cathedral, John Ryland’s Library and the Manchester Town Hall are all ancient buildings with a rich historical background.

Other places to see in Manchester are the Central Library, Contact theater, HOME, Manchester Art Gallery, the Manchester Museum and The Museum of Science and industry amongst many others.

Sports are also widely celebrated in Manchester. If you’re a fan of sport, you can get tickets to a number of different games. The Lancashire County Cricket Club, Manchester City and Manchester United Football Club are all well-known names internationally. Fans of football can visit their favorite teams’ official clubs in the city.

Sportcity is another great venue for sporting events. Located only 30 minutes from the Piccadilly Station, Sportcity has hosted events for the Commonwealth games, the National Cycling center and football matches.

There are other places in the Manchester city that are not as crowded as the others but still an excellent choice to add on your tour to the city. Some of these include the Chetham’s Library, the Hulme Bridge, Parsonage Gardens and more.